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5 Ways to Save Money on Moving Costs

moving сэкономить при переезде

All documents are ready, tickets are purchased and there is a new country and a new life before you. Only several months or weeks are left to go and, of course, the moving itself too. In this post we will give some tips on how to save money on moving costs.




Regardless of the amount of time left, do start organising your moving on paper. Make a list of all the things you are going to take in order not to forget anything and to keep track of the items delivered to the new address.

Treat moving as a project: make a to-do list and assign it to different people with timeframes. Such plan will not only help to optimise the actions, but also free some space in your head for more pleasant thoughts.




As a rule, relocation abroad is organised by a specialised moving company. The choice of such company normally defines the budget of the whole moving. This is why you have to be extra attentive and keep several things in mind:


  • Experience And Reputation Of The Company In International Relocation (Ratings, Client Testimonials, Transparency Of Information);
  • Willingness Of The Company To Take Over All Customs Procedures, And Advise You About Possible Fees, Sanitary Check-Ups And Certificates.
  • Cargo Insurance, Responsibility Of The Company And Related Conditions.
  • Other Services: Apart From Loading And Transporting Your Possessions, Companies Offer Related Services To Save Your Time, Such As Packing And Recycling The Furniture Left Behind.


Proper packing guarantees the safety of your things, so take the preparations seriously. You will need double lined boxes that can be found in supplies stores, at the post office, online, or used ones in the nearby supermarkets. Make sure to get tape, colourful markers, bubble wrap and packing paper.

Bonus: Amazon – moving boxes



Pack room by room, leaving each one empty and label the boxes – it will save a lot of time and nerves when unpacking. Save a special box with the things you will be using upon arrival. Sort out clothes according to their priority: in summer time winter clothes can be packed first and unpacked last.

Prepare in advance all the important documents and valuable possessions that will be travelling with you.

Boxes with fragile items and dishes should be labeled with special stickers or signs saying “Fragile” or “This side up”.

Pack no more than 20-23 kg per box – heavier weight will be harder to handle for both the box and a loader.

Supervise that all the items are evenly distributed in the car, while heavy things are secured on the bottom, and light and fragile ones are on top.

Upon delivery, make a quick check of the most important items in the presence of loaders.



And finally, moving is a great occasion to make an inventory and discard all of that cherished but old and useless stuff. Judge the things by value, since often it is cheaper to buy them new on the spot rather than packing and transporting. Said above applies, first of all, to old furniture and kitchen machinery, but also to wardrobes. Don’t be afraid of change, step into your new life with new clothes and a new look!

If you have any questions or doubts, BLL Relocation experts are here to help. Leave us a message or request a callback to receive a free consultation regarding your moving to Spain and how to save money on moving costs.

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