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What to expect when raising kids in Spain

When relocating to Spain with kids be prepared 100% for the unexpected, the surprising, and – a lot of fun.   Moving to Spain with Children   It is more than natural to have worries and doubts before the big step. But you can be absolutely sure: Spain is one of the most kids friendly countries in the world and Spaniards love children, their own and everyone else's alike. Depending on your kid’s age the transition can go differently,...

Banks in Spain

Your complete guide to opening a Spanish bank account as a foreigner.   Opening a bank account in Spain   In this article we will discuss popular banks in Spain and possibilities for opening a checking or savings bank account (accounts for pensions or mortgage payments are a separate topic). A bank account in Spain is useful for keeping your cash in a secure place, to have savings, receive your salary (nomina), pay rent and utilities, have a cell...

moving to Barcelona

4 questions answered about relocation, daily struggles and adaptation in Barcelona.   Moving to Spain is both a dream and an uneasy path that many visualise but so few undertake. Life after moving is inevitable divided into before and after, and the first conclusions and realistic impressions one can make in about half a year of living in a new place. Why move to Barcelona? What to expect? What are the difficulties? We asked these questions Natalia...

Christmas in Barcelona

Are you going to celebrate Christmas in Barcelona this year? Great, here is a complete guide with all the activities for 2015/2016.   Christmas and New Year's Eve in Barcelona and Catalonia   Usually Northern European cities like Berlin, Vienna or Prague are famous for their Christmas spirit, snowy streets, beautiful markets and events. However if you love sun, warmth and southern vibe, why not spend winter holidays in Catalonia? It has a lot to offer in summer, but...

Concierge Services in Barcelona

To begin with, concierge is a person acting as a personal assistant for those who don’t have time, opportunity or desire to solve certain issues. Often concierges work in hotels, financial corporations, social services and, what is especially in demand in Barcelona, companies specialising in assistance to private individuals....

moving сэкономить при переезде

All documents are ready, tickets are purchased and there is a new country and a new life before you. Only several months or weeks are left to go and, of course, the moving itself too. In this post we will give some tips on how to save money on moving costs.   1. PLANNING AND MAKING LISTS   Regardless of the amount of time left, do start organising your moving on paper. Make a list of all the things...


If you are planning your moving to Spain from abroad, it is easy to get overwhelmed with thousands of small details and things to keep in mind. But not to worry, here is the complete checklist for moving house with an approximate timeline. (You can download a free printable pdf at the end of this page).. ...

Лучшие отели Барселоны

Best Barcelona Hotels - Barcelona is definitely among one of the most popular cities where countless number of travellers from all over the world come all year round. Wide choice of truly luxurious hotels in makes your stay maximum comfortable and carefree. BLL recommends the best hotels in Barcelona for you. Mandarin Oriental (5 stars): art-deco splendor and unmatched level of chic elegance on Passeig de Gràcia Hotel combines upscale classic luxury and sophisticated eastern atmosphere. Exquisite...