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How to become a personal concierge?

Concierge Services in Barcelona

Before answering this question, let´s make clear who is a personal concierge and what are his responsibilities.


Who is a private concierge?

To begin with, concierge is a person acting as a personal assistant for those who don’t have time, opportunity or desire to solve certain issues. Often concierges work in hotels, financial corporations, social services and, what is especially in demand in Barcelona, companies specialising in assistance to private individuals.


The peculiarity of this work is that there are no two days alike. In fact, personal concierge has a broad variety of tasks to solve from organising a romantic dinner to planning a trip around the world, to buying a new luxury yacht.


How to become such a professional?

Undoubtedly, college education, work experience in tourism or luxury industry and knowing several languages have big importance. It is also vital to understand that to succeed in this business one who aspires to become a private concierge should possess a certain set of personal qualities:


Obviously, personal concierge has outstanding communication skills. This means being able to endear a client, engage him in an interesting conversation and support him in the best way. And the skill not only to listen, but also hear the client.


Only the most responsible people on the planet can become concierges since their goal is not just to evoke trust, this trust has to be always justified.


Concierge must know, literally, everything. Or at least, so should the clients think. Therefore, a good concierge is able to use hundreds of different sources of information, and to do so with lightning speed.


Excellent memory is still required for a private concierge, because she is the source of a huge amount of constantly updated information on locations, services, customers and their preferences.


Concierge career will be perfect for a creative person, since her goal is to anticipate and exceed the expectations of each customer, no matter what it takes.


In his work concierge is often forced to act in an emergency mode and still remain tranquil and friendly towards clients and partners. This is why most personal assistants are balanced and cope well with stress.


And, finally, private concierges are passionate about their work. They are motivated by ambitious goals and tasks, they are committed to fulfill them with excitement, while their clients feel as if they were the most important people in universe.


Be sure to try yourself in this area. Start small:

  • Gather information about the concierge services market in Barcelona
  • Determine a direction that would be interesting to you personally.
  • Find online or offline classes, courses or seminars related to the field that might prove useful.
  • Pay attention to internship proposals – it is a great opportunity to take your skills further and gain necessary experience.

BLL Concierge and Relocation in Barcelona provides a wide range of personal assistance services to international VIP clients. If you want to know more about concierge qualifications, or get a chance to become our intern, make sure to leave a comment below or contact us at

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