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Reasons for living in Spain


For expats seeking to maintain a good quality of life without much financial adjustment, living in Spain is still an attractive proposition.

The proximity to culture and history, rich nature, wonderful climate, education and business opportunities and flexible residence permit requirements – Spain could be nothing less but a paradise for you and your family.


Cost of Living


While the cost of living in Spain has markedly increased over the years due to the country´s growing popularity among tourists and expats, this sun-bathed country is still an affordable place to be in Europe. Your spendings will vary greatly depending upon on your lifestyle and where you live. If you are used to upscale living and purchasing luxury goods you will find Spanish prices more than acceptable, and if you are ready to live like modest locals you will find your money goes a lot further here than it does in Britain or in the U.S.
A family of 4 can live on 45000€ per year if closely watching the spendings, and choosing to rent a flat outside of the city center. On the other end of the scale, families with high demands and significantly higher income can have a quality life with 7000€ for 2 adults and a child per month. Please note that these are very rough estimates and will be very different for each Spanish city and personal situation.


How Many People Live in Spain?


As on 1st of January 2015, the Spanish Statistics Office state that foreign nationals comprise about 10% of the Spanish population (46.7 million). Out of 4.7 million foreign residents, 319,163 (6.24%) are British citizens, ranking 3rd preceded only by Romanians (15.11%) and Moroccans (14.79%). Two biggest cities in the country are Madrid (3.165 million), the Spanish capital, located in the heart of the Iberian peninsula, and Barcelona (1.602 million), the world-famous seaside hub of tourism, business and creativity.

Best Places to Live in Spain


Moving to Spain is a big decision, and choosing the right city to call your new home is a very important step. What are the most popular Spanish cities for European, Russian, British and North American expats to settle in? Numerous regions in Spain fiercely compete with each other in beauty, housing prices, cultural offerings and quality of life, forming the solid top 5:


  • – Barcelona
  • – Madrid
  • – Valencia
  • – Costa del Sol (Malaga, Torremolinos, Marbella)
  • – Costa Blanca (Alicante, Benidorm)

Why Living in Barcelona is the best? The capital of prosperous Catalonia holds the righteous first place for many years in a row thanks to its diverse cosmopolitan lifestyle, warm coastal climate, quality of education, family-friendly atmosphere, developed infrastructure and booming economy with the international investment pouring in The list of advantages doesn’t end there. Visit Barcelona once, and you will fall in love with the city forever. Move to Barcelona, and you will wonder why you haven´t done it before.


Not sure which Spanish city is best for you and your family? Have questions about living in Spain? Relocation experts at BLL are happy to help. Send us a message or call (Skype/landline) to get a free consultation regarding your particular circumstances.

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