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Your Complete Moving Checklist


If you are planning your moving to Spain from abroad, it is easy to get overwhelmed with thousands of small details and things to keep in mind. But not to worry, here is the complete checklist for moving house with an approximate timeline. (You can download a free printable pdf at the end of this page)..

3 months before

Visas. What are the legal requirements to enter Spain? Are you coming as a permanent or semi-permanent resident? Will you need or work permit? Is family coming with you? Make sure to get as much information as you can about the types of visas and start the paperwork process.

Language. While in Western Europe quiet a lot of people speak English, in Spain the situation is different. It is absolutely necessary to speak Spanish to be able to live here, even if your job is in English. Take at least an introductory language course before moving, It will definitely help you to feel more confident to be able to understand what’s going once you arrive.

Housing and Relocation. If your employer assists you with the moving process – great. If not, you may consider choosing a reliable relocation company who will find a new home for you in Spain, arrange the shipping of your belongings and assist during every stage of your moving. In case you are renting or own a property in your present country of residence, take a decision to sell, rent out, or notify your landlord about the move.

Insurance. Check your insurance policy on coverage in Spain. Make doctor appointments to have checkups (vision, dental, physical, dermatology and women’s care). Cancel the car insurance if needed.

Family and kids. If the children are coming with you, there are decisions about school to be made. Spain has a variety of good public, international and church schools. Arrange school records and translations for the transfer.

Pets. European Union has very strict rules for importing animals. Plan well in advance to equip your pet with a microchip, get rabies and other vaccinations done and make an international pet travel passport.

Travel arrangements. Book your flights and hotel, and organise your pet’s travel.

Driving license. Make sure your driving licence is valid and get an international one if you are planning to drive in Spain.

Packing. Start packing the items you won’t need in the next 3 months such as books, jewelry and seasonal clothes.

10 Insanely Easy Packing Hacks

2 months before

Inventory. Make a complete inventory of your house. Take decisions if you take the furniture or sell it. Note the sizes of houses, furniture and bedding in Spain might be very different from what you are used to. Give away or sell things you won´t take. Documents.


Prepare and keep in 1 place all the passports, visas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce/custody papers, driver’s licenses, insurance records, and income tax records. Make sure you have certified copies of all important documents ready to hand over to the person you will be leaving in charge of your affairs while you are away. Banking. Bank systems and procedures may vary greatly around the globe. Make sure you have an international credit or debit card, access to online banking and all the PINs and passwords.


Notify your bank about the move abroad. Get information about international fees if applied. Medicine and Prescriptions. Names of medications may vary greatly in different countries. MAke sure you have a written prescription from your doctor for any necessary drugs, and bring enough supplies with you for the first couple of months after the move.


Check if you need any vaccinations to be done. Get medical records if necessary. Subscriptions. Cancel magazine, newspaper, Netflix subscriptions and any other regularly delivered items or club memberships.

1 month before

Address. Notify the Post Office, local council and Tax authority about your change of residence. Utilities. Cancel all the contracted utilities such as water, electricity, gas, etc. Packing. Pack everything you use infrequently. Label the boxes. Separate valuables that you will transport personally. Set aside the essentials that you will need during travel and for the first couple of weeks in the new home. Bills. Make sure all the bills are paid before you leave.


Goodbyes. Schedule the goodbye parties for family and friends. Current situation. Get acquainted the current political and economic situation, read some history and background information about Spain. Stay tuned with what’s going on in in your new home country.

✈ Moving day ✈

Make sure you have all the essentials in your suitcase. Go through the inventory list. Double check that nothing is left behind. Verify all delivery plans with the moving company and get a rough estimate of the delivery date. Have a last look at the house and enjoy the journey!

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Download Your Complete Moving Checklist in PDF
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